A decade of adventures by the free spirited founder, Charlotte Howarth, spanning continents and embracing different cultures, has resulted in the enchanting world of Charlotte's Web.

"My own personal love affair with India began at the age of 21, when I embarked on my first solo adventure there, never imagining that it would have such a powerful impact on my life. Falling, as so many before me, under India's mystical spell. I was captivated by the kaleidoscope riot of vibrant colours which surrounded me, and instantly charmed by the gentle spirits of the local people".

Drawn back to the country a few years later, I began to create my own bespoke collection of jewellery and clothing, all made with love and skill by local, handpicked craftsmen, and so Charlotte's Web began to weave her magic spell, it was a natural, unplanned process, encountering highs and lows along the way. Returning to London, I showcased my collections at intimate jewellery parties and on the famously eclectic London markets. Taking my pieces to display at festivals was a real stepping stone for me personally, sharing my creations with like minded souls was a truly motivational experience, and soon, the demand for my pieces organically grew, eventually resulting in the need for an online boutique.

As my dream became my reality, I have always endeavoured to create wearable, yet distinctive pieces, empowering the wearer and offering everyday luxury to adventurous spirits such as myself. My passion for travel, adventure and fashion is evident in all that I do, and my confident, unconventional nature is very much reflected in my designs.

My signature selection of spinning jewellery has expanded from spinning rings, to bracelets and pendants, used throughout history to calm and soothe the soul. These are an integral part of my collection, I was instantly entranced by their magic and they have always proven to be our most popular pieces due to their unusual nature.

Having travelled the world, I recently made my home on the beguiling island of Ibiza, which has long been a haven for creative, artistic spirits. I first came here to nurse a broken heart, and the island's reputed healing powers did this, and so much more, inspiring me to create more than ever before, and capturing my heart and soul, with her inimitable beauty and mythical magic.


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