"Vincent the Magic Bus is the split screen samba created in 1956 who is regularly on the roads around Cheshire, usually with the kids and wolfhound on board, and, as his name suggests, Vincent is magic, so Dylan tells me."

Steve (Founder)

The art studio is on the top floor and is really a den for me, the kids and animals to get busy painting, modelling, drawing or just chilling.

Colour and light is everything. The pop art and impressionist movements drive most of the work. Cars and bikes have been a passion since I can remember and yellow is the only colour for a quick car or bike for that matter.

Have a look at the images in these pages. They span the last 30 years and they are a mix of gouache, acrylic and pencil using traditional methods and the new, exciting media of drawing, painting using a tablet. This creative medium is in its infancy but is being embraced by masters like David Hockney.

The techniques used in the recent pictures are derived from Roy Lichtenstein and his "dots" printing to reflect an almost commercially delivered mass produced product. We don't use screen printed "dots" but paint delivered in "paint dots" in a traditional fine art method in an computer generated paint package for the rowing paintings keeping the pop art mass produced concept combining with the impressionist movement use of colour and light to define the objects painted.

For the automotive pictures, we use the pop art concepts of modern culture as the subjects combined with the use of colour to bring the image away from traditional illustration into a more commercial environment. Its like a cross between the illustration and the mass produced poster or commercial packaging products. Again, its delivering real, original art to the wider audience.

What we really like about this is there is no "original" for the art collector to clutch and keep hidden from mere mortals. The original is a binary code of either 0 or 1 stored in a computer chip which can be erased in a second. Every print made by the artist in an edition is exactly the same as the next one, so, within the levels of society there can be no art snobbery. The only "original" is the number 1 off the print run usually retained by the artist, but even that print is the same as number 99 being the last print.


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